Founded by Jack Costello 1945 – originally Costello Construction Co.Costello Industries, Inc. of Newington, CT founded originally as a road building company, began diversifying its activities into pavement preservation long before many in the industry had ever heard of the concept.  In the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s the company had established itself firmly in the construction industry cutting and clearing trees and using scrapers to move earth for new roads. It was in 1969, under its second generation owner Frank Costello (Jack’s son), that Frank knew the days of new roads were coming to an end. At that point Frank directed Costello’s products and services towards both asphalt and concrete pavement preservation. Someone had to figure out how to economically maintain all these new roads and Frank was the guy who did it.

In the early ’70s, Costello Industries became one of the first heavy highway construction firms to introduce new products and services designed to maintain both asphalt and concrete pavements. If you had an asphalt or concrete pavement that required maintenance, Frank knew how to do it.

As the company built on its knowledge and expertise in the area of pavement preservation its territory expanded. Now, from Maine to Florida Costello works with countless public agencies to help them repair our nation’s transportation system.

Today under the leadership of John Costello (3rd generation / Frank’s son) Costello Industries employs about 100 people and maintains an excellent reputation throughout the heavy highway industry. John and the other members of Costello’s senior management team, crews, equipment staff and office team members remain committed to provide quality, value and exceptional service to all our customers. Along with that comes everyone’s strong commitment to safety for the well being of our employees and travelling public.

Please visit the safety portion of our website by clicking on our logo. “WHERE SAFETY WORKS”
Costello Industries, Inc. is fully insured and can supply 100% payment and performance bonds for all projects.